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Second Hand Furniture

Second Hand Furniture

Second hand furniture is not just economical, but environmentally friendly. Older furniture has character and vintage appeal that can add to the design of a room and allow buyers to purchase more with less money than buying new furniture. Some pieces may need slight upkeep but it gives buyers an option to make pieces their own by sanding, painting, and altering items to meet their specific needs.

Buying second hand may pick up memories of the hand me downs grandma left you with that reminded you of the sixties in all the wrong ways and have never been used without a plastic cover, or of your old college apartment with pastel odds and ends who's origins you had no clue of, but finding second hand furniture, if done correctly doesn't have to be too difficult and can make your home more unique.

The Benefits of Second Hand Furniture

Finding a good piece may take some hunting but it can be well worth it and it is also much easier to locate used furniture with present day resources. You can find many different styles of furniture as well. Deviating from the traditional furniture set will set your room apart making it much more eclectic and giving the room more interest. Incorporating second hand furniture in a room can also make a room look more professional.

Do-it-yourself people will like to buy second hand more than anybody. Used furniture provides a creative outlet and a way for you to make something your own. It can be an opportunity to do something construction with your family during free time and get you to use your hands and learn a new skill. Many people like to brighten up old furniture this way. Creating slipcovers or re-upholstering sofas and chairs will change the appearance of the piece completely. When looking at a piece of used furniture, just consider the shape and possibilities that furniture has.

Becoming Creative With Used Furniture

Old dining rooms tables with outdated wood stains can be sanded and painted black or white, making them look modern. Brass lamps and metal pieces can also be touched up easily. Replace old lamp shades with newer ones to make a lamp that has since passed its prime look more youthful. Changing a piece of furniture to meet your tastes is very simple and the money you'll save altering furniture will far outweigh the work of altering the piece. This also gives you many more options for the way your home will look.

Some items will not even need any altering as second hand furniture can sometimes be in excellent shape and be exactly what you've had in mind. It might take more searching than in stores that sell new furniture but the mark up for new furniture is very expensive. For people looking mainly for utility, buying second hand is the perfect option. Everything will be very affordable and if a little wear is alright with you, you can save money. Business furniture can also be bought used and there are many places that sell second hand office furniture. The only issue you may have to consider is that manufacturer's warranties generally apply to the original owner of a piece of furniture. Some stores may provide their own warranty for used furniture, but it isn't very common as well.

Cleanliness When Buying Used or Second Hand

The best selling types of used furniture are couches and surfaces such as tables though sometimes even cabinets can be found. Mattresses are not the best thing to buy used though because of sanitary issues. Many second hand furniture can be cleaned easily before being taken some. Hard surfaces are simple fixes but upholstery is a tricky issue. There is no guarantee that flea, lice, or bed bug eggs are not in the fabrics. The best thing to do in this instance is go to a pet supply store and buy a bug killer for upholstery. Follow the directions which will involve frequent spraying and vacuuming and if possible, keep the couch in a garage while cleaning to be extra careful. Steam cleaning upholstery before use is also very smart. You can rent a professional steam cleaner from some home improvement supply stores.

Second hand furniture will require a little more work on your part but you will save yourself money and have something very unique for your home which can add to your decor. Stay diligent if you start this idea and exhaust all resources if you can't find the perfect furniture piece used.

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